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Far too many women, 1 in 8 to be precise, are diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to earlier detection through screening and increased awareness and better treatments, a woman’s risk of dying from breast cancer has dropped almost 40 percent. There is a large racial gap in mortality. African-American women have a 39 percent higher death rate compared to whites. While African-American women have a lower incidence of acquiring the disease than white women, certain social and economic disadvantages experienced by African

Americans are a leading cause to the problem. Some of these disparities include: limited health care coverage, expensive treatment costs, lack of access to screening, lifestyle choices (e.g. diet and activity), lack of access to quality medical care.

Still, early detection is the key. We must remember that this silent disease continues to speak very loudly. After the diagnosis, then begins the journey…… You MUST act aggressively and continue the fight to find a cure and eradicate this disease.